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Past Projects

Power Plants

To date PRC has been contracted or assisted in the decommissioning and/or demolition of over 8000MW(+) of fossil fueled power generating stations in the United States. We have executed all our projects safely and in a timely manner. 


Brownfield Development

PRC purchased the old Continental Tire Manufacturing Plant in Mayfield Kentucky, which sits on 275 acres and has 2.2 million square feet of buildings. The project included asbestos abatement, investment recovery, and concrete demolition. As of September 2012, we have demolished and abated 1.8 million sq ft of warehouse leaving a 400,000 sq ft distribution center, which was sold to DND Shoes along with the 40 acres it was located. Gross project value of $10.5 MM



Chevron/Ventech - Crude oil Refinery, Batangus, Philippines……… 90,000 bbl/day



Hanson Aggregate - Booth Plant, Richmond, Texas

Hanson Aggregate - Sugarland Plant, Sugarland, Texas

Hanson Aggregate - Garwood Plant, Garwood, Texas



Aztec Ceramics Superfund Site TXD008120404 - contracted as a consultant between Aztec Ceramics and TNRCC (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) to devise a remediation plan for the Superfund Site. The plan was accepted by TNRCC and PRC was contracted to perform the remediation of arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, asbestos and zinc, demolish, and to remove and dispose of all the buildings.


Bankruptcy and Distressed

PRC works direct with companies in bankruptcy and distressed situations proposing solutions to maximize asset recovery for its creditors by managing and or acquiring idle and sub-performing assets, closing out same type assets, dismantling and remediating properties, and liquidating assets via private sale and auction.

One of the largest refinery bankruptcies in the USA was the 140,000 BPD ECI Refinery in East Chicago, Indiana purchased by PRC. It was then remediated, dismantled, and disposed of after generating $26 MM. PRC as partner manages an Offshore Drilling Rig Semi-Submersible acquired at a Judicial Sale. PRC has reactivated the asset and readied it for sale on the international market with a sale value of $ 24M. Additionally PRC’s management have acted on behalf of restructuring officers, creditors committee’s, trustees, and board of directors in cases involving, electric utility owners and service companies, onshore and offshore Oil & Gas service companies, refinery owners, insurers and financial institutions



• Purchased sulfur dioxide plant and tank farm from a copper smelter in Copper Hill Tennessee. Project also entailed ACM removal, cleaning and environmental concerns. Completed April 2007


• Purchased Oklahoma Gas & Electric’s 70 MW power and steam generating plant in Ponca City, Oklahoma. The unit consisted of two Westinghouse W 251 B8 gas turbine driven, 35 MW generator sets, and two waste heat boilers producing steam for the Conoco Phillip Refinery. The units were match marked dismantled and shipped to Houston, Texas. PRC refurbished, sold, and delivered the units to Santiago, Chile, for a major new power plant. Completed March 2007


• Old Armco Steel Mill – demolition and removal of 12,000 tons of material included in over 550,000 sq ft of buildings up to eight stories tall. Included four water towers and a 500-ton Dravo crane on their Houston Ship Channel dock.


• Ventech Process Equipment - dismantled, removed, and disposed of various vessels, equipment, and miscellaneous materials located in their lay down yard.Hanson Aggregate Plant - removed all concrete foundations and buildings, dismantled and saved specified equipment for reuse by Hanson, and demolished and salvaged remaining equipment and structures as directed, including bone yard areas around the plant site.


• Hanson Ferris Plant - dismantled and removed equipment for reuse by Hanson, demolished certain structures as directed, disposed of pontoons in the water, demolished remaining process structures and disposed of salvage materials, cleaned up various bone yards and materials.


• Hanson Blue Roan Bend - removed all concrete structures, pads, foundations, scrap, and equipment to facilitate cleaning up of the site.


• Galveston Bay Processing - Hydrocarbon Distillation unit in Winnie, Texas. The unit was gas freed, abated, and dismantled in a working plant environment.


Disaster Response

• Due to Hurricane Katrina this special events barge was damaged in the Wet Lands area and entailed the building of a one and a half mile road to gain access. Special equipment was required to work in the swamp like environment. The barge and building was 250 foot long 100 foot wide and 35 foot tall and generated over 1000 tons of steel.


• Penn Gaming Boom Town Casino Barge - The Boom special event barge was blown over a mile from its mooring by Hurricane Katrina. Its final resting place was in a protected wetlands area that required the building of a one-mile road to facilitate the demolition. The project was completed ahead of schedule, preserving the wetlands.


• Harrah’s Gulfport Grand Casino - The Harrah’s Grand Casino Gulfport was 600’x110’x60’ barge brought a shore by Katrina. During the storm the gaming barge damaged its (6) mooring dolphins and sunk in where it was docked in shallow water. After building two concrete ramps to gain access and egress to the casino in the water, PRC demolished the buildings leaving the barge intact. Divers repaired and floated the barges to facilitate its removal to another location for disposal. PRC removed the six mooring Dolphins, concrete and debris from the water left by Katrina.


• Harrah’s Biloxi Grand Casino - Harrah’s Grand Casino Biloxi’s main gaming barge was 700’x110’x75’ barge brought half a mile ashore from its mooring. PRC recycled over 6,000 tons of steel and removed 21,000 yards of debris. This demolition project was featured in August 2006 edition of National Geographic. It was the largest casino barge brought ashore by Katrina.


• Harrah’s Lady Luck Grand Casino - Harrah’s Biloxi Grand Casino Lady Luck Gaming Barge was 300’x100’x60’ barge brought half a mile ashore from its mooring and struck a historic six story hotel. PRC recycled over 1,700 tons of steel and removed 4,400 cubic yards of debris.



• Dismantled and removed a 40-ton rated Paceco Container Crane from the docks of the Port of Houston. Project required close communications and coordination with the Port Safety and Mechanical Engineers. Working on and over docks required special planning and procedures to dismantle and remove a crane weighing an excess of 1.3 million pounds. Completed July 2007.


• GSA Public Building Service - consisted of the Air Force Plant #4 Railroad Spur with 38,912 linear feet of rail tract. PRC removed rail, ties, appurtenance, signals; identified trestles and road crossings leaving the ballast graded smooth and left in place. All the surrounding vegetation and other improvements were safeguarded from damage.


Marine Salvage

Removed and scrapped over 12 derelict barges from Dickinson Bayou south of Houston Texas.


Rail Salvage

• Removed three miles of rail for Union Pacific. Disposed ties and repaved the crossing, harvesting 4500 tons of rock.

• Various salvage and service projects, which entailed the taking up of abandoned rail lines and the resale and disposition of railroad ties.

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