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Investment Recovery

PRC employs a virtually unmatched array of tools to handle all of your Investment Recovery needs, We have over fifty years of experience in recovering the maximum value for our clientele’s assets.

Our Specialists have developed extensive, long lasting personal relationships with people and companies throughout every corner in the world for multiple industries.

Combine that “Human Factor” with our renowned research capabilities and ever evolving equipment / company contact databases and you’ll see that PRC is uniquely positioned to support you on all of your “IR” needs.

Combine that with the proven concept and methodology of “The Seven R’s of Investment Recovery” you will realize PRC can help you achieve the ultimate return on your assets.

PRC's Sales and IR team has performed Investment Recovery in many industries including:

  • Power Plants
  • Gas Process Plants
  • Mining Equipment
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Pulp and Paper Mills
  • Rail and Railroad Equipment
  • Offshore Platforms

The Seven R’s

  • REUSE – A portion of the two to five percent of idle/surplus equipment can be reused internally through investment recovery programs. In addition to keeping salvageable equipment out of the landfills, reusing existing equipment instead of purchasing new reduces capital, depreciation, taxes and insurance costs.
  • RECYCLE – Disposal costs and hazardous waste can be reduced with recycling. By converting oils, spent cleaning fluids and valuable chemicals, income is generated as well as resources reserved.
  • RECONDITION – Rebuilding assets, such as instrumentation, valves, pumps and motors, to be put back into service or used as a backup is more economical than purchasing new. Toner printing cartridges can be rebuilt and refilled, disposable clothes and gloves reconditioned and cleaned and pallets repaired and rebuilt.
  • RESELL – As used equipment and excess inventory markets which resell unwanted idle/excess equipment become more prevalent, finding new sales outlets for old assets reduces losses and increases income.
  • RECLAIM – Spent solvents and chemicals, lube and quench oils and other chemicals can be reclaimed and reused.  Recovering precious metals from x-ray, photo and plating operations further reduces waste, preserves natural resources and improves operating costs.
  • RETURN – Unwanted new equipment, spare parts, materials and supplies can be returned to the manufacturer or vendor for future credits or hard cash.
  • REMOVE– Removing excess/idle assets lowers the tax base and increases returns on capital.



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